A resource repository for the 5 Dec 2014 seminar that took stock of the achievements of Academic Literacies and celebrated the contribution of Mary Lea

Aim of the seminar: A day seminar that took stock of the achievements of Academic Literacies over the past 20 years critically explored future directions, opportunities and imperatives. A key aim of the day was to celebrate the contribution of Mary Lea who is retiring from the Open University.

Convened by: Theresa Lillis, Jenny McMullan and Jackie Tuck, (The Open University) Lynn Coleman (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) Cecilia Jacobs (University of Stellenbosch), Lucia Thesen (University of Cape Town)


Where the seminar was held: This event was held at the Open University and University of Cape Town. The OU and UCT hooked up via videoconferencing.

OU location– Central Meeting Room 15

UCT location – Health Sciences, Medical Campus, Observatory



Registration at the OU: Central Meeting Room 15, coffee from 9 amRegistration at UCT : Medical Campus, lunch from 11:30am
10 .00 12:00 Introduction to the day  Theresa Lillis
10.20 12:20 SA based panel discussion: Chair- Lucia Thesen: Sioux McKenna, Cecilia Jacobs, Bongi Bangeni, Moragh Paxton.
11.10 13:10 Personal reflection: Barry Stierer
11.15 13:15 UK based panel discussion: Chair – Corinne Boz:  Brian Street, Mary Lea, Mary Scott, Jackie Tuck.
12.05 14:05 Short break
12.10 14:10 Whole group discussion
12.55 14:55 Personal reflection: Lucy Rai
13.00 15:00 Lunch
14.00 16:00 Presentation: Moeain Arend, Aditi Hunma and Gideon Nomdo – The affordances of digital literacies on a foundational language course
14.40 16:40 Presentation: Ibrar Bhatt – Getting under the hood: accounts of assignment writing in classrooms
15.00 17:00 Response to presentations from discussant:  Cathy Kell
15.15 17:15 Whole group discussion
15.40 17:40 Personal reflection: Lynn Coleman
15.45 17:45 Reflections from Mary Lea
16.00 18:00 Close


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