Rochelle Kapp

rochelleRochelle Kapp is an Associate Professor in the School of Education, University of Cape Town. She holds a Masters’ degree in Literature and a PhD in Language Education. Rochelle has extensive teaching and development experience in the fields of language education and student development. She has researched and published in the areas of school and academic literacy practices, English as a second language, the politics of English and student development. Her most recent research projects have been collaborative and longitudinal. She is currently working (with colleagues in the Academic Development Programme at UCT) on a qualitative case study which has tracked the progress of 100 students from disadvantaged backgrounds over the course of their undergraduate degrees.

Recent publications.

  • Pym, J. And Kapp, R. (2013) Harnessing agency: towards a learning model for undergraduate students. Studies in Higher Education, 38, 2: 272-284.
  • Badenhorst, E. and Kapp, R. (2013): Negotiation of learning and identity among first-year medical students, Teaching in Higher Education, 18, 5: 465-476.
  • Kapp, R. (2012). Negotiating English and literacy in a time of social change. JAC 32.3–4: 591-614.
  • Kapp, R. and Arend, M. ( 2011) ‘There’s a Hippo on my Stoep’: Constructions of language teaching and English second language learning in the New national Senior Certificate. Per Linguam, 27,1: 1-10.
  • Kapp, R. and Bangeni, B. (2011) A longitudinal study of students’ negotiation of language, literacy and identity. SALALS, 29, 2: 197-208.
  • Kapp, R. and Bangeni, B. (2009) Positioning (in) the discipline: undergraduate students’ negotiations of disciplinary discourses. Teaching in Higher Education, 14, 6: 589-598.

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